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Monday, August 30, 2010

Marvin Gaye vs Mansun - RsH7 Video Preview

Radio Soundhog Volume 7 as a full 60 minute video?  Might happen, might not.  If it does, here's an idea of what to expect...

Could this be the only Marvin Gaye m@$h*p on YouTube that's actually in tune?  Very likely.  Have a search around if you don't believe me, paying particular attention to one involving Madcon's awful cover of 'Beggin' along with '...Grapevine'.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wince, you'll hopefully have some idea of why I detest m@$h*ps and their talentless creators so much.

Mansun.  Fu*kin' ace, they were.


Mondo said...

Hey ho - worra walloper. Roll on Vol 7

buzby said...

Oh dear - I can only presume the creator of that Madcon/Gaye thing is tone deaf (or just deaf).

If you manage to do the whole mix to the standard of this video it would be fantastic (indeed, just doing the whole mix as a video would be an epic task - where are you going to get a video for 'Irk the Purists'!?).

Mansun were great, maybe one day more people will catch on to this fact. One of my colleagues went to school with the bassist, he wasn't too surprised when I told him about his part in the band's downfall, unfortunately.

ben_sH said...

If he'd pitched it down by a half tone-ish, it would have 'worked'. It'd have still sounded pretty rubbish, of course, but that's m@$h*ps for you.

There's a lot of stuff in RsH7 which has no direct video counterpart, so a lot of creative substitution will be needed, but I don't want it to be a straightforward collection of 'cutting between two pop videos' stuff anyway. That's been done so often before and it's not always very satisfying.

I did actually start putting together the first minute a few weeks ago: a bit of animated Kenny Everett from a Thames show, mixed with various clips of people playing records from '50s/'60s documentaries (yes, those same ones trotted out on every damn BBC4 documentary, slow pan across the listening booths, the NEMS shop, etc.) then into a cavalcade of clips of every band mentioned in the bit of ITP that I used... Not exactly original, but that took me three nights of downloading and converting massive video files to extract one second from each, and my PC just said "stuff this" when I started trying to put it together. When I finally ditch this old P4 and move into the noughties, I might be able to get somewhere...

I know/knew a few people who hovered around the band's various circles in the early days, but I was always just that bit too far away to get any more involved than buying the records. A massively under-rated outfit, and no mistake. If the 4th album had come out at the time, I think it could have nailed them right back 'up there' but it obviously wasn't to be. A proper shame, but that's the way it goes.

/ b

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Haaa. He lives to drop sick vidmash on substandard mashup artist ass. Slay them S. Show them who's boss...er jam, fly nitty gritty.

did i detect snippet of MBV's Glider in there. Andy Wetherall mix perchance?
/Digs around shed for whitelabel 12" vinyl.


ben_sH said...

J from C, is that?

The audio's just lifted straight out of RsH7, and it is indeed MBV/Weatherall in the preceding section. The full audio is one of the first entries on this blog thing, in the unlikely/likely event you've not heard it.

The only 'jam hot' around here is in the doughnut I had in the microwave for a little bit too long.

/ b

Anonymous said...

Fucking bad ass, plain and simple. I listen to this almost every day, genius.