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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marvin vs Mansun. Again. Without pictures, this time.

After being asked by, ooh, about three people, I've made a standalone audio version of that section of RsH7.  Some would say I'm milking it, some would say it's 'utterly painful' (and then bravely delete the comment, nice one 'CCC'), most wouldn't give a shit.  Anyway, if you feel the need, here it is.  You should be able to download it as well, by clicking that downward pointing arrow thing, so you can load it into your mobile phone and annoy people at bus stops. Now way past it's allotted 100 downloads, I've reupped it to Mediafire [here]...

Soundhog - Take It Easy, Marvin - [Mansun vs Marvin Gaye] by soundhog


1 comment:

Grilly said...

absolutely banging, that.