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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Edwyn Collins + Goldfrapp + video = OMG VIDM@$Hez!!

Even though the actual track didn't exactly get much of a reaction, which I should have expected, I've wasted even more of what little remains of my life by putting the below visual accompaniment together.  So...

Imagine Goldfrapp & Edwyn Collins were making records in early 1969 (they weren't).
Imagine they made one together - vocals from her, music by him and his band (they didn't).
Imagine she went on the BBC1 pop programme 'Beatscene' - which never existed - to promote it (she didn't).
Imagine the 2" 405 line VT master was wiped, like most of the BBC's 1960s pop music coverage, and the only surviving copy was on a 16mm telerecording (it wasn't).
Imagine it was dug up by BBC2 for their 1991 retrospective series 'Sounds Of The Sixties' (it wasn't).
Imagine the show was repeated by BBC Four in the early 2000s (it wasn't... well, it was but it wasn't, y' know).
Well, it might have looked and sounded something like this:

Now, if I'd only badly sync'd up some live Beatles footage to some dance track or other instead, I'd be an internet sensation. Ah well. Sod it. I'll never learn...

*mp3 download*  http://www.mediafire.com/?8e8yta58wz3y62r

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Theme from 'Quiller' - Soundhog Extended Edit

Another previously unreleased 'gem' from the vaults.  Richard Denton & Martin Cook were responsible for some of the most memorable BBC TV theme tunes in the '70s and early '80s... think The Great Egg Race, Tomorrow's World etc. And there's this, the theme for a 1975 adaptation of Elleston Trevor's Quiller thrillers. Originally a shade under 3 minutes long, I've done my trademark stretchy-out type stuff on an absolute masterpiece of brassy '70s synthy spy funk. Edited quite well, I think.  You could pass it around if you like it... maybe blog about it, if you do such things? I dunno... it'd be nice to get heard for a change.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Remember when this used to be fun?

I should really put a quick note here, informing you that the old Freelance Hairdresser tracks of mine are online again, thanks to Soundcloud. Pop here now and listen to the products of a time when I actually had a sense of humour left. Many of these things became more notorious than my 'serious' work, much to my chagrin... I should'a stuck them out as Soundhog tracks, that's what I should'a done.  An example: