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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Remember when this used to be fun?

I should really put a quick note here, informing you that the old Freelance Hairdresser tracks of mine are online again, thanks to Soundcloud. Pop here now and listen to the products of a time when I actually had a sense of humour left. Many of these things became more notorious than my 'serious' work, much to my chagrin... I should'a stuck them out as Soundhog tracks, that's what I should'a done.  An example:



Raggamofyn said...

People love silly things. Reminds them not to be too serious, perhaps.

miss mimi said...

I bloody love you for this. When I'm a senile old gipper, this is likely the kind of thing that will go through my head. An insane mash-up of memories of my youth, implanted there by a mental Welshman. Thank you sir.