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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Historia De La Musica Rock (2002 to 2004)

Well, I might as well upload this I suppose...  This is a collection of some of the 'bastard pop bootleg things' I used to do in the first half of the last decade. I did my initial ones sometime in 2001 (so, happy 10th anniversary to me, eh?  Puh...) but none of them were 'good' enough to make it in here. In fact, when I put this compilation together back in 2007, I was already struggling to find 20 tracks out of the 100 or so I'd done by that point which I could still listen to without cringing. Today, that number is much, much smaller... but compared to the m@$hup crap that people churn out these days, they're all gold standard.  The Depeche Mode remix at the end might be my favourite thing I've ever done, actually.  I don't look anything like I do in the 'cover' photo anymore, by the way, and that Mercedes is long gone as well...  shame, it was rather ace.  Anyway, it's here and all free and that, so if you fancy hearing what my idea of what the 'bootleg scene' was/should have been about, click below...

Tracklisting:  52 Scrubs (Live At The Ruthin Enormodome), The Without Me Song, The Doves Are Mine, A Day In Tracy's Life, Black Freak, (Are You Gonna Be My) Dirrty Girrl?, An Egyptian Trick, One Phat Breeda, Charly's Anthem, I Feel You Really Caught Me On Edge, Bad Grey Rocker Girls, Double Freak, Slow (Remix), Hot Shots, Crazy Dick, Ein Atomkitten In Einem Kraftwerk, Shansun, Tainted Beyonce, Thinking Of No-One, Enjoy The Silence (Float Mix)

Link: Download (Mediafire)

.ZIP file, 122mb.  All tracks in mp3 format at 192kbps CBR.