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Friday, September 27, 2013

Post summer update - lots of things...

Hello, adoring fans.  Oi, stop sniggering.

Just a brief round-up of goings on in my world, which you've probably missed.  Right, let's get the stuff to listen to out of the way.  First up, I bought myself a new synth a couple of months ago, so it only seemed right to make lots of atonal noises with it.  That's why I like synths.  If you fancy an improvised 20 minute soundscape, click the play button below...

Nice, eh?  Anyway, moving on...  I also found a cassette of some stuff I did sometime around 1994/5, using lots of gear that a friend had which I couldn't possibly have afforded.  It was an attempt to make dance music of a sort, possibly the kind of thing near the end of the night to calm people down.  Basically, that means the tracks are quite slow.  I only have the cassette left as far as I can work out, so they're sonically a bit challenged, but I like that.  I like cassettes, you see.  Not in an ironic hipster idiot way.


What else...?  Oh, yes.  I did an official (for a change) remix for Victoria & Jacob, which I was quite pleased with.  You can listen to it below, or buy it (yes, I said buy it... one of those 'pay what you want' jobs) over on Bandcamp, in a compilation of other mixes of the track - LINKY LINK - Please chuck them a few quid if you like it, and maybe leave a comment or two somewhere.  Go on, I dare you.

And finally, news just in about something I've been waiting to happen for a long, long time.  Soundhog psych-edits on seven inch?  Yes, you read right.  More news as and when I have any, and probably at the Spoke Records website as well, but here's some sticker artwork for you to be getting on with, which should give you an idea...

T'ra for now.