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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Whole Lotta Helter Skelter - VIDEO ALERT!!

You may have heard the track before - or at least, I hope you have - but it would seem in this day and age, if you're really going to go global with something, you need a 'pop video'.  Well, it would also seem it helps to have a stupid dance (like you're riding a horse whilst having broken arms) for the lumpen proletariat to really fall for it, but I'm not about to plumb *those* depths, thank you very much...

Some more successful people than me (i.e. nearly everyone) have professional people and companies to make videos for their tracks, which they can project behind them on large screens while they do their DJ sets.  Me?  I have to gather up material, and sit here for about ten hours, cutting and pasting and moving and removing and cutting and pasting and stretching and inverting and more cutting and pasting until my home computer starts waving a white flag out of its' 3.5" floppy drive slot.  So, around 300 edits and a couple of migraines later...

The track's still on Soundcloud, and at the moment you can download it in 320k mp3 format from there - the offer will last until the tail end of the year, when my premium membership runs out.  Don't delay, click today, etc.  Do feel free to spread this video around the internet.  I won't mind.  I doubt I'll get a billion views, but let's not be defeatist too early, eh?  Turn it up.

*update*  It's taken off a little bit after being posted on a few blogs.  Here are some of the more interesting things being said about it.  (New quotes added 10/01/13 - mostly from NME readers/followers, which says a lot...)

"That's awful " - @JackMendel4 (twitter, reply to NME posting)
"terrible" - @Mr_JosephSmith (twitter, reply to NME posting)
"and all I can say is... why? :(" - @Vero_bum (twitter, reply to NME posting)
"two rights make a wrong. Make it stop." - @LissaKW (twitter, reply to NME posting)
"why would you even mashup 2 legendary songs? just leave them as they are and enjoy yourself mashing up crappy electro songs" - Brentke (YT user)
"Crap" - SpittingMage (YT user)

"this is akin to diluting your Courvoisier with Slivo" - golem (dangerousminds.net)
"That was horrible. Just proves how much the beatles SUCK." - Brian Weinhofer (dangerousminds.net)
"Not working for me on several levels......" - Bob Valerino (dangerousminds.net) -
"Like all MaSHuPs, They're just a lazy effort of a remix!" - Robb Earl (dangerousminds.net)
"Fucking awful. Trashes two classic songs" - @Sipperana (twitter.com)
"Omits signture desceding (sic) riff from helter sketer. remix FAIL not culture. rip off. Try writing a song. cc." - @CaptDavidRyan (twitter.com)

I feel like I've finally arrived...  if you see any more good ones, do send them to me so I can post them up for posterity.