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Saturday, January 03, 2015

2015? What the chuff happened to 2014?!

Hello.  Well, I didn't do/say a lot last year, did I?  Nope.  Anyway, just to say that I'm still here.  Still buying records.  Still not making any mixes.  Still moaning about everything under the sun.  Yeah, well...

News for 2015?   Just a little.  There will be a 7" single containing a track I did with friends a few years ago, along with a new remix I've done of it on the b-side.  There will also be an LP out with a couple of my analogue electronics excursions on it, and there may be some more stuff to come.  Perhaps these things might lead on to other things... unlikely, but who can say?

Oh, and I've signed up to that 'Ello' thing.  I doubt you have.  However, on the off chance that I'm wrong about that, I now have a page at https://ello.co/soundhog
  Not that I know what to do with it.  I'll probably just post pictures and videos of things I'm interested in.  Synths and records, basically.  Still, it's free at the moment, so you won't be losing anything much by having a look.  Apart from valuable seconds of your diminishing lifespan...   T'ra for now.