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Saturday, January 13, 2018

It's 2018, apparently.

So it's been quite literally years since I posted on this thing. I'm still alive. I've been doing things, just not a lot. I've joined a noisy band, I've been dabbling in experimental analogue video techniques and made two promo videos for the band Gallops as a result, I've played a live show in a disused nuclear bunker, and other things too boring to mention. 2018 is mostly bringing major problems so far, but it's also bringing a nice actual 7" single release of original instrumental electronic material wot I dun, which should be available in the next couple of months. More news on that at some point soon, I hope. No, I don't make mixes or 'do DJ sets' or any of that stuff anymore. I think it's wise to know when to pack that sort of thing in... Anyway, onwards and downwards.


Anonymous said...

Your music has made my life markedly better. I have been listening for well over a decade and have spent hundreds of hours listening to your work.

ben_sH said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous person! I find it hard to be enthusiastic about my 'art' these days, but your comment brought a proper smile to my face. I hope I can still do things in the future that hopefully you'll like!

Stephen Gorman said...

Still listening to Soundhog stuff, just playing it right now to my g/friend and she’s going wild and dissing me for never playing it to her!
It still sounds brilliant and thanks for bringing huge smiles again to this jaded music fan. Agree with Anoymous above! be well! And big cheers! sjg