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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don't let the changes / a-get y'down / man...

...as Donovan sang in 1970.

Okay, well I've found an alternative place to host my more 'legally-dubious' productions.  I've no idea how long it'll last, as people seem to be flocking to it in the wake of S*undcl*ud's sudden get-tough policies.  But for the meantime, you can find stuff like the Steve Miller remix (hi Richard!), Traffic/Zep, the McCartney remixes and others there.  I may re-upload things like Mansun/Marvin, Beatles/Zeppelin and Edwyn/Goldfrapp as well.  Downloads are available for the moment, it would seem.

So, you'll be wanting the link?  Okay - https://hearthis.at/soundhog/   Let me know if I've missed out anything important.

In other news, the much-worried about live debut of my synthpop project 'Loose Capacitor' did indeed pass off without too many incidents the other week.  I was helped out by my friend David Harper and his Micromoog on bassline duties, while I concentrated on pressing the right lead keys and making sure the ReVox tape machine didn't go haywire.  Everyone on the night was excellent, especially The Twelve Hour Foundation, Revbjelde and Robin Lee.  I may do more music in this mould, should anyone give a stuff.  Video evidence follows below.

I may write more before Xmas.  I may not.  Toodle-pip for now.

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