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Sunday, January 01, 2012

NEU! NEW! NOUVEAU! : Mix90 #6 - "What Would You Do...?"

Created & released: December 2011


Side 1:
The Assembled Multitude - Overture from 'Tommy'
The Bootles - I'll Let You Hold My Hand
The Shadows - Fourth Street
The Roulettes - Jackpot
Curley Moore & The Cool Ones - Funky Yeah
The Grumbleweeds - Never Before
Gruff Rhys - Patterns Of Power
The Ventures - Mod East
Shonen Knife - Twist Barbie (Moog Cookbook remix)
David Steel & Jesse Rae (ft. Bernie Worrell) - I Feel Liberal : Alright!
Raymond Scott - Portofino #1
Francis Monkman - Current Affairs
Loose Capacitor - Theme from 'Robin's Nest'
Munetaka Inoue & His Sharp Five - Haru No Umi

Side 2:
Van Morrison - Have A Danish
Arzachel - Queen's St. Gang (Soul Thing)
The Soft Machine - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
Steve Hillage - Electrick Gypsies
Honey Cone - Sunday Morning People
Rick Jones - Gulliver's Theme
Jim Ford - Dr. Handy's Dandy Candy
The Hunters - The Russian Spy & I
Roger Glover & Friends - Behind The Smile
The School - The One Who Left Me
Endaf Emlyn - Goodbye 'Cherry Lil'
Johnny Silvo - The Paper Song
Kevin Godley - To Fly Away
Jackie Lee - Theme from 'White Horses'
Ron Geesin - Mr. Peugeot's Trot
George Martin & His Orchestra - King's Road Raspberry Parade
The Monkees - Carlisle Wheeling
The Appletree Theatre - What A Way To Go

Hey, New Year's Eve! Party time! Wahey! Well, not at Chez Soundhog, obviously... so I've put this together for anyone else who isn't out celebrating one arbitrary number changing into another. I bet 2012's gonna be crap. Anyway...

If you've heard any of the other Mix90s, you should have an idea of what to expect. If not, I hope you'll find it an enjoyable experience. Everything in here is great, as far as I'm concerned. Well, there's one track which perhaps isn't, but I put it in anyway, just for the bloody hell of it and for the comedy value. See if you can spot it. Elsewhere there's beat, funk, psych, TV themes, a bit of prog, electronic genius, some hippy nonsense with extra hippies, library music, contractual obligation recordings, Japanese surfadelia, and bits of a 1963 birthday party in Brighton. All chosen and sequenced with a lot more care and attention than you might think, or than anyone else would smother on such a thing.  There's method in the madness, you know.

Now, you'd not rather be dancing in a fountain while drunk, would you? Eh? Oh...


Kevin Baker said...

This is an eclectic, no-nonsense, musical playground. Fun! Fun! Fun! And speaking of Shonen Knife, nice work (or was that you?) on the Twist Barbie remix. Apart from the Knife, I was going to ask you whether you knew about the SECOND greatest band on the planet, but then I discovered you had already included the Go! Team in your April 2010 Volume 7 mix. Anyway, cheers from America - a few of us still have a bit of musical sense over here!

Anonymous said...

The power of Mix90 #6 compels me to chase down all such mixes and tell my (very limited these days) circle about them! If it's not too bittersweet a small txt file in the vein of Mix90 #3 briefly tagging these tracks would be very welcome! Just an obnoxious request from a greedy fan, feel free to disregard! Anyhow; Cheers! Thanks for making your many tracks available for download!

ben_sH said...

Thanks Kevin, and Mr./Mrs. Anon! I know all about small circles, trust me! I had every intention of doing the .txt files for the other mixes (including 6) but all that typing just got the better of me in the end. I keep trying to make another one of these mixes, but it's proving to be very "hard work". Anyway, ta for the nice words.