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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Human League remix thing...

...of their new record. 'Released' the other day, to no interest whatsoever, as per fucking usual.  It's very long, and probably too slow, at 120bpm, to get the drug-addled kids of 2010 throwing shapes on the dancefloors of the world. I'm very out of touch, and frankly I prefer it that way. It also features a chorus of singing synthesizer ducks, and Phil Oakey doing an impression of a Dalek doing an impression of Phil Oakey. I really know how to sell stuff, eh?


Mondo said...

Moroder a go-go. Is this an official thing or just for the love of the League. This was a massively overlooked tune..

ben_sH said...

The day I do something official is likely to be the day after the world ends. I just heard the vocal snatches in the original and decided to see if I could do anything with 'em.

'All I Ever Wanted' was/is a great record, and frankly a hell of a lot better than 'Night People', but I suppose the time just wasn't right for them to undergo that all important trendy critical revival. Or something. Let's hope the new LP is going to be a good 'un, anyway.

MarkTheMeS said...

Just discovered this track and love it. Is there any way you can make if available for download again, please?